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Meet Our Functional Medicine Doctor and Staff


My name is Anita Burock Stotts, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, and I would like to welcome you to Healthy Endeavor Medicine, a personalized Functional Medicine Practice. At Healthy Endeavors Medicine the power of careful listening, good science, and team work promote health and healing. Before opening Healthy Endeavors Medicine in 2010, I had a long career as a conventional medicine doctor. I worked as a primary care internist, and urgent care physician, and also as a hospitalist, all in the Capital District. Slowly, insidiously, though I loved my work, I became "sick and tired." Fortunately, I received excellent conventional medical care and received the correct diagnosis. My healing journey then led me to Functional Medicine, first as a patient, then as a practitioner. I recognized that for all its strengths, conventional medicine has significant limitations. Functional Medicine expands the toolbox available to a medical practitioner and enhances the power of conventional medicine to help patients improve health and optimize vitality. My training in Functional Medicine is through the Institute for Functional Medicine. I opened Healthy Endeavors Medicine in March 2010 to share and serve. I want to hear your story and support your quest for vibrant, robust health.


Vivett Green is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness class of 2008. She has been practicing massage for the last 11 years. She is passionate about assisting her clients in relaxing their minds and bodies and assuring them so they feel comfortable during their session. As a licensed massage therapist, she has specialized in medical and pregnancy massage and provides care to patients at St. Peter's Hospital where she also works as a Patient Care Technician. Her specialty is working with patients to relieve pain and tension. Working closely with patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain and laboring mothers. She also has patients who deal with the many issues that come with cancer.

Vivett has taken extensive continuing education classes. Along with medical and pregnancy massage, she has extended her practice with deep tissue, hot stones, and energy work, most specifically Reiki. She often incorporates these skills in her sessions.

With her set of skills and her deep passion for helping others to live a better quality of life, Vivett has mastered the art of massage, while still thriving to learn and evolve. She is truly a blessing to her profession.